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Ultrasonic Testing Machines

Ultrasonic Rail Testers, designed for industrial applications, exhibit dimensions of H 240 x W 268 x L 300 mm and a weight of 3 kilograms. Available in black, yellow, and grey, these testers are constructed from sturdy metal. Their specific features include precision in flaw detection along rail tracks, ensuring safety and reliability. Advantages encompass ease of portability, facilitating on-site inspections for maintenance and quality control. Widely used in the railway industry, they play a crucial role in identifying defects, cracks, and abnormalities in rails. The combination of compact design, lightweight structure, and accurate testing capabilities makes these testers indispensable for ensuring the integrity of rail infrastructure.
Ultrasonic Transducers & Accessories, vital in industrial settings, come in various sizes and types to cater to diverse needs. Crafted from durable materials such as metal, steel, or aluminum, they ensure reliability in demanding environments. These transducers offer versatility, with different types available to suit specific applications. Whether for thickness measurement or flaw detection, they play a pivotal role in non-destructive testing. Their varied sizes and types make them adaptable to different industrial scenarios, ensuring accurate and efficient ultrasonic inspections. As essential components in industrial processes, these accessories contribute to maintaining high standards of quality control and safety across various sectors.

Our Export Countries: IRAN, UAE, NIGERIA, BRAZIL & MEXICO.