MPI Consumables is used for non-destructive testing. It is conducted to check the discontinuities that occur in ferromagnetic material in different shallow subsurfaces. The offered range is made by employing latest techniques and economical methods. It contains magnificent wetting characteristics to maintain contact with smooth and rough surface. Moreover, it is available in a variety of Dry, Water Based and Oil Based Powders, also offered in form of test blocks for magnetic particle testing. We make sure that our offered MPI Consumables (Magnetic Particle Inspection) does perfect testing and reflects all the flaws present in different materials like nickel, iron, cobalt or few of their alloys.

Salient features:-

  • Amalgamation of two nondestructive testing procedures visual testing and magnetic flux leakage inspection.
  • Initially, it magnetizes the surface or component that needs to be inspected.
  • Offered in tamper proof packaging so that no harm is caused to the material.
  • Perfect solution for rough or shallow subsurface to detect the flaws in it.

MPI Consumables

  • Economical for use.
  • Less effect on skin.
  • Suitable for smooth & rough surfaces.
  • Sensitive for hairline cracks.
  • Excellent wetting characteristics.
  • Available in small and convenient packing.

Dry Powders

  • Model DP-B Black color magnetic powders for dry application. 1Kg.
  • Model DP-R Red color magnetic powders for dry application.

Water Based powders

  • Model WP-B Water based wet application Black color magnetic powder 500 g.
  • Model FP-W Water based wet application Fluorescent magnetic powder 500g.

Oil Based Powders

  • Model OP-R oil Based wet application Red color magnetic powder 250g.
  • Model OP-B oil Based wet application Black color nagnetic powder 250 g.
  • Model FP-OS oil Based wet application Fluorescent powder for smooth surface 500 g.
  • Model FP-OC oil Based wet application Fluorescent powder for rough surface 500 g.

Test Blocks

  • Model BTP BHEL test block for prod technique.
  • Model YTP Test Block for yoke technique.
  • Model ATP Test Blocks for yoke technique as per ASTM.
  • Model MTU-No3 test block as per ISO 9934.
  • Pie Field Indicator as per ASTM E-709.
  • Ketos test ring.

Technical specification


Small And Convenient Packing.


1 Kg




For Smooth And Rough Surfaces.